Google Transit Bookmarklets

This bookmarklet will take you from a driving directions page on Yahoo! Maps or Google Maps to a corresponding set of directions on Google Transit. You will only get results if you are in a Google Transit service area. This is less important now that Google Transit displays driving directions alongside the transit recommendation, but at least I find that I have trouble breaking the habit of going to Google Maps first. Additionally, many businesses link to Google Maps to offer directions.

To use the bookmarklet, drag and drop the below link to your bookmarks toolbar.


This has not been extensively tested and probably breaks with malformed or less common query strings.

A second bookmarklet lets you get directions to a selected address from a default address you provide, such as your home or office. To create this bookmarklet, enter your address in the box below. We do not store your address.


  1. Why doesn't this link directly to Google Transit?
    Sending the directions directly to Google Transit works only so long as Yahoo!, Google Maps, and Google Transit do not change how they format their pages and queries. By passing through our server, we can likely adapt to changes without requiring you to update your bookmarklet. Additionally, this allows us to track usage.
  2. What information do you record?
    We currently keep track of the city, state, or zip code of the start and destination addresses for each use. No other information is retained.
  3. Why doesn't _____ work?
    First, check to make sure your location is in one of the Google Transit cities. Then, make sure you are using either Yahoo Maps or Google Maps (Mapquest is not supported at this time).

    Beyond that, please let us know about any problems. This was done pretty quickly, without much testing. We'd appreciate any feedback to altverto :at: altverto :dot: com.