Google Transit Coverage Checker

To build our prototypes, we've had to create some features that we would want in a Google Transit API. This is a very basic script that will return if Google Transit has coverage in the provided zip code or lat, lon coordinate..

Usage: or,

Returns 0 or 1. Zip2, Lat2/Lon2 are optional. Five digit zips only right now.

quick notes

  1. If you provide zip codes in two different Google Transit coverage areas, it will still return 1 for now. This will be fixed in the future.
  2. The zip codes are not perfect. If you notice a mistake (somewhere we claim is covered that isn't, or that is covered but we don't know about), please email altverto :: at ::
  3. Latitude and Longitude are simple rectangles right now and are less accruate than zip codes, bt are easier for some developers to use.