altVerto: Using interventions and community experiences to promtote alternative transportation.

With the altVerto project, we seek to motivate drivers who regularly use web-based local and mapping services and have access to viable alternative transit methods - such as public transportation, carpooling, walking or bicycling - to use these alternatives instead of driving alone. altVerto works with users' existing habits to intervene during trip planning, and then sustains long-term positive behavior through progress tracking and community-building around alternatives to driving. Our study investigates how computer-mediated intervention at decision making moments and online transit-related community motivates and sustains the use of alternative transit methods.

About altVerto:
Paper (pdf), Poster (pdf, handout size), comic (pdf), making of altverto

Development prototypes and tools:
Google Transit Plugin (beta), Google Transit Bookmarklets, Sample bus route pages for Seattle

Building something?
Our Google Transit coverage area checker might help.

From Marti Gukeisen, David Hutchful, Pieter Kleymeer, and Sean Munson

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